Research networking tools like ResearchGate, and Google Scholar are great at allowing researchers to share their publications, discuss ideas, and easily find relevant literature in their field. Each of these tools have their own advantages. However, as a scientific researcher, ResearchGate would have to be my top pick.

I originally set up my ResearchGate account whilst undertaking my undergraduate degree with the sole purpose of being able to access papers that I would not have been able to otherwise access. Since starting my PhD, this aspect of ResearchGate has become even more useful for me, allowing me to easily find research that is relevant to my field. By following authors who conduct similar research to mine, it is easy for me to see when they publish new papers, allowing me to keep up to date with the advances in my field.

ResearchGate also has a questions and answers section which can be very useful. If there are any specific areas of your research that you are having trouble understanding, this section is a great way of connecting with specialists who may be able to clear things up for you!

Considering that I am not very far into my PhD, my ResearchGate profile is currently very empty. I’m hoping this will change soon though when I start to publish papers. I think it’s particularly important for me to share my research through ResearchGate as my profile is one of the first things that appeared when I googled myself. Hence, I think this could be one of the better ways to get my research noticed.

If anyone is interested in my research into the use of fluorescence spectroscopy in drinking water applications, please feel free to take a look at my profile (click here) and follow me!